About Us

Our Phnom Krom Eco Resort * is a community-based recreational area located at the foot of Phnom Krom mountain near the Tonle Sap Lake, the largest lake in Southeast Asia and also home to the world’s most productive inland fishery. Situated on the northwest Cambodia floodplain, the 100-hectare rural property is own by the Empress Angkor Hotel, one of the leading hotels in Siem Reap, and is only 20 minutes from the town’s airport and the historic Angkor temples. Visitors are offered a unique chance to experience nature and traditional rural lifestyles with the charm, elegance and comfort of an international-standard hotel while helping to diversify local livelihoods and reduce poverty. The site has been developed by hotel management in partnership with local residents in Phum Krorsang Roleung village, a small rural settlement near the lake.

With four lakes covering 26 hectares, Phnom Krom Eco Resort has a wide range of opportunities for fishing and boating. Other activities include cycling and riding on ox or water buffalo-carts operated by local villagers. Depending on the season, visitors can also observe-and even take part in-traditional agricultural activities such as planting and harvesting rice or tending tropical fruit orchards.

We also offer team-building exercises for companies and other organization. For the more adventurous, camping in tents with luxury hotel bedding allows visitors to experience the beautiful of the Cambodia countryside at night in a comfortable and secure setting. Future plans include a football field, a mini-golf course, a cooking school and luxury resort accommodation.

Despite its remote location, the site offers the full range of catering services available at the Empress Angkor Hotel management. For short visits of three to five hours, these range from lunch boxes and light meals for two people to cocktail receptions and gala dinners with traditional live music and dancing for up to 1,800 guests. For longer visits, we offer full-day package for group seeking team-building exercises. We also offer one or two night camping tours for guests wanting to experience the real Cambodia beyond the temples including the stunning natural environment around the Tonle Sap Lake.


Phnom Krom Eco Resort is a management initiative of the Empress Angkor Hotel, an international-standard hotel establishment founded in 2004. The wholly Cambodian-owned hotel is particularly popular among Japanese, Western, Korean and Chinese visitors and will soon have the largest Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition (MICE) facilities in Siem Reap.

In response to growing demand form European and other tour operators, senior managers are developing an ecotourism resort on a 100-hectare site near the Tonle Sap Lake, about 20 minutes from the hotel. The first phase of the project opened to international guests in 2010, with recreational fishing Phum Krosang Roleung village, the Phnom Krom Eco Resort aims to help diversity livelihoods and reduce poverty in Siem Reap which remains one of Cambodia’s poorest provinces despite the recent boom in international tourism. The Phnom Krom Eco Resort employs 50 local villages on a full-time basis and can mobilize dozens more when large group arrive.